ELITE Grassello

ELITE Grassello

Elegance and sophistication for a line that is inspired by the stucco and the typical veining of the marble.

Elite Grassello is a Venetian plaster, a product on the basis of natural lime with addition of special acrylic resins, water emulsion of high-quality additives which give it the following properties: high adhesion to the surface, good air and water vapour permeability.

Venetian plaster is a glossy covering simulating polished stone of natural origin. Present Venetian provides walls with a unique marble luminescence. Now there is a considerable quantity of plastering ways of the mixture, every way gives individual effect. Application of the Venetian plaster is a difficult process which demands high professionalism. Venetian plaster possesses unique technology, allowing receiving coverings of various colours, shades, to reproduce original drawings.

Decorative covering steel trowel use.
Product made of synthetic binders, inorganic pigments and thickeners.
Spread rate: 0,8 – 1 Kg/m2
Available colours: White

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