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Reversible Vibratory Plates: DPU90r

DPU90r: Excellent compaction with remote control

Robust and compact in design, the DPU90r offers high compaction performance with infrared remote control that can be steered continuously in curves with pinpoint accuracy. The innovative steering eccentric weights provide high rotational dynamics and extremely easy steering with no loss of performance. The infrared remote control maintains line-of-sight operation, protecting the operator from vibration, emissions and noise. The DPU90r offers outstanding compaction results for granular and mixed soils for the toughest compact jobs.


  • Powerful centrifugal force, fast travel speed and high frequency rate in a rugged design.
  • Designed for optimum serviceability, making routine maintenance quick and easy.
  • Intelligent water-cooled engine designed for ambient temperatures up to 113 °F
  • Available with either machine protection sensor that detects machine overload, or Compatec, compaction detection system with overload protection

First-class compaction performance

  • Individually controllable compaction performance, optimized adaptation to the soil being compacted
  • Water-cooled engine, optimized for the plate’s requirements
  • Stable base plate: very good rate of advance for fast compaction and optimum results


Remote Control for great user comfort

Precise and continuously variable control in curves
The remote control can be recharged under the plate’s lockable hood. This also provides protection against theft.
The simultaneous operation of several remote controlled vibratory plates is easily possible
Intuitive controls, no training necessary



Designed for safety: The remote control only works when in direct visual contact with the plate
Optimum protection: Machine stops when operator lets go of the remote control joysticks
The proximity recognition protects the operator and job site by stopping movement and vibration within three feet of the receiving eyes



Ecological & sustainable

  • The water-cooled engine meets all emission regulations future-proof and allows operation at extrem temperatures
  • Water-cooling provides extremely long engine service life even with long-term operations
  • Way below the noise exposure limits - that protects the environment and operator



Extremely robust design

  • The steel tube frame and steel cover sheets make the DPU90r very robust and protected against damage
  • The side panels are detachable
  • Durable and very stable design



Tie-down options similar to those of large equipment allow an optimal securing during transport




The lifting eye is turned by 90 degrees and thus provides better protection of hood and center pole when being lifted.
Center pole and control elements cannot collide with the excavator arm when being transported.




Maintenance and Service

100% service access with a few easy steps
Detachable side panels
Hood can be fully opened
Long service intervals due to large air filter



Easy to clean base design without the risk of damaging hydraulic hoses



Intelligent equipment protection

Black box allows communication between man and machine
Operating displays provide information on overload protection and error logs
Individual configurations possible
Theft protection via PIN set



Optionally available with machine overload protection or compaction control Compatec incl. machine overload protection.

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