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Ride-on Trowels: CRT48 with power steering

Innovative control concept for more productivity: CRT48-PS

Thanks to its optimal maneuverability and high surface capacity as well as its balanced power-to-weight ratio, the CRT48-PS achieves highest productivity levels with best results. The electro hydraulic control concept with two joysticks enables accurate maneuvering and virtually fatigue-free working. Controlled by the joystick modulations the valves of the hydraulic control cylinder are triggered by electrical signals. The CRT 48-PS offers a choice of two control modes to accommodate individual preferences and different site conditions.

  • Electro hydraulic control concept offers true power steering
  • Very precise operation
  • Virtually fatigue-free operation possible
  • Choice of two control modes
  • Ideal for large pours where the operator uses the machine for long periods of time and on elevated decks where lighter weight machines are preferred.

Innovative 2-level control

Mode 1

Suitable for big concrete areas and for users who tend to operate the joystick with larger movements. In Mode 1 the signals are filtered and overmodulation of the machine prevented.

Mode 2

Suitable for tighter areas, demanding more intensive maneuvering, and for users who tend to operate the joystick with finer movements. Mode 2 enables direct and precise control.


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