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Leica M-Com mobile communication solution

Plug and play solutions for monitoring communication

The Leica M-Com series are the first compact plug and play solutions for monitoring communication. The Leica ComBox and Leica Comgate provide the communication from the sensors in the field to the internet. To keep the monitoring system running during communication breakdowns, the optional MonBox enables Leica GeoMoS to run on-site in an integrated embedded computer.

The M-Com series offers easy installation, reliable communication, and the connection of multiple sensors and external devices. This increases the mobility for periodic or short term monitoring systems.

Leica ComGate10

  • Simple sensor connectivity via serial or USB
  • Data transmission via mobile Internet UMTS/LTE Technology
  • Communication fallback with secondary line
  • Provides sensor cold boot
  • Offers digital input / output and SMS management support

Leica ComBox10/20

  • Main components: Sensor connectivity, power supply and the wireless router
  • Outdoor Housing: Compact enclosures with a lock system and wall brackets for mounting
  • Data Transmission: GPRS/UMTS Technology
  • Messaging: Up to two warning devices can be connected and digitally switched

Leica MonBox35

  • An energy-efficient mini-industrial computer with a robust housing, running Leica Geosystems monitoring software  
  • The MonBox35 can be mounted on a frame in the Leica ComBox10/20

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