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Telephone Test Sets: Electrical Contractor Telecom Kits

These kits contain essential industry standard telecommunications tools and test equipment.

  • Choose either Kit I with TS®30 Test Set or Kit II with Pro3000 Analog Tone & Probe
  • D814 industry standard punchdown tool for reliable terminations
  • EverSharp 66/110 cut blade provides flexibility for different block and jack terminations
  • Cable Stripper quickly rings and slits many types of cable
  • Use the Probe Pic to check for loose or damaged connections
  • Cut and strip wire cleaner and faster with the Electricians D-Snips
  • Connect to jacks for testing with the standard 4-Wire Modular Adapter
  • A soft zippered pouch keeps your tools all in one convenient place


Fluke Networks' Electrical Contractor Telecom Kits are comprised of industry standard telecommunications tools and test equipment, in a durable cordura case. The kits are designed for technicians who install, test and troubleshoot phone and data lines.

Electrical Contractor Telecom Kit I includes a TS®30 Test Set w/ Angled Bed-of-Nails Cord, D814 Impact Tool, EverSharp 66/110 Cut Blade, Electrician's D-Snips, Cable Stripper, Standard 4-Wire Modular Adapter and Probe Pic.

Electrical Contractor Telecom Kit II includes the same items but offers the Pro3000 Analog Tone & Probe in place of the TS30 Test Set.

Models & Accessories


Model Number/NameDescription
11289000Electrical Contractor Telecom Kit II (with Pro3000 T&P Kit)
11290000Electrical Contractor Telecom Kit I (with TS30 test set)


Model Number/NameDescription
11289400Soft case, Electrical Contractor Telecom Kit

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