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Elcometer 1720 Abrasion and Washability Tester

These robust, reliable and extremely versatile machines have been designed for testing the washability, brushability and resistance of a wide range of materials including paint, lacquers, inks, coatings, leather, wood, plastics, printed material, fabrics etc.

  • Made from anodised aluminium making it durable and robust
  • All stations can be tested wet or dry
  • The durable and robust design is stable under test allowing repeatable results, even at the fastest stroke speeds
  • Rapid tool change
  • Test up to 4 samples simultaneously
  • Multi-lingual digital display
  • User adjustable stroke length from 10 to 300mm (0.4 to 11.8”)
  • Speed Cycles can be adjusted from 10 to 65 cycles per minute or set to the ISO Standard of 37 cycles /min
  • Wide range of tools available, for testing flat and curved samples
  • Available with or without an integrated liquid dosing pump


Meeting Standards

  • With the wide range of tools available many Standards can be tested in one unit
  • All units can be used in accordance with ASTM, DIN, EN and ISO Standards
  • Easily adjustable to customers unique applications using the special tools
  • Washability and abrasion testing on flat and curved samples up to 13mm (0.51”) thick

Interchangeable Tools

  • All tools are interchangeable with the rapid tool change system, making the unit ideal for use in accordance with a wide range of Standards



User Adjustable

  • Stroke length can be quickly and easily changed by the user to meet their specific requirements between 10 - 300mm (0.4 - 11.8”)
  • Speed of carriage can be adjusted between 10 and 65 cycles per minute
  • Cycle counter can be pre-set for a defined number of cycles from 1 - 32,760


Wet and Dry

  • All stations can be tested wet or dry
  • Versions are available with or without an internal liquid pump
  • Samples can be tested under wet or dry conditions



  • With the ability to test up to 4 different characteristics simultaneously, significant time can be saved
  • With it’s rapid tool change system setting up tests is fast and easy
  • Easy sample placement allows quick change between tests

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Elcometer 4695 Scrub Test Panels

In a typical scrub test, the coating is applied to the Leneta Scrub Test Panel at a specified film thickness, allowed to dry and then subjected to scrubbing with a straight-line scrub tester.

When used in accordance with ASTM D2486, Method A, a 10mil shim is inserted under the panel to accelerate failure and thereby reduce testing time. The scrub resistance is the number of scrub cycles required to remove the coating to a specified end point.

Alternatively, the loss in weight is determined after a specified number of scrub resistance cycles, with calculation of equivalent loss in film thickness.

These Scrub Test Panels are ideal for use with the Elcometer 1720 Washability & Abrasion Testers.

Elcometer 5750 Taber® Linear Abraser

Whatever your product, be it curved, round, big or small, the Linear Abraser from Taber® can test it all.

Using a free floating head to follow the contours of the sample, the Taber® 5750 is the ideal abrasion tester for flat or curved surfaces. It may also be used as a scratch tool, using the scratch kit accessory.

Abrasion media, length of stroke, load and speed of stroke can all be user defined to meet specific requirements.

The Linear Abraser uses a range of Wearasers™. The size and shape of a pencil eraser, the Wearaser™ uses the same high quality Taber® abrasive media as used on the Taber® Rotary Abrasers, simulating real-life wear conditions.


  • Stroke lengths of 12.7, 25, 76 and 102mm (0.5, 1.0, 3.0 and 4.0”)
  • Variable stroke speed from 2 - 75 cycles per minute
  • Preset stroke speed buttons for 2, 15, 25, 30, 40 and 60 cycles per minute
  • Variable load from 350 - 2100g (12.4 - 74.1oz) with optional weights
  • Stainless steel Wearaser™ holder (Collet) for use with vitrified or resilient Wearasers™
  • Laser alignment guide

Elcometer 5135 & 5155 Taber® Rotary Abrasers

 The Taber® Rotary Abraser is an industry standard used in the wear and durability testing and is available with either a single test head or dual testing heads, which allows the user to test two different or identical materials simultaneously.

Used primarily in the testing of ceramics, plastics, textiles, metals, leather, rubber and painted, lacquered and electroplated surfaces, accelerated wear test procedures have also been written into many test specifications including ASTM, ISO, TAPPI and DIN - as well as automotive manufacturing procedures around the world.

Choose from a wide variety of abrading wheels and abraser accessories to simulate real-life wear conditions.


  • Platform speeds 60 and 72rpm
  • Balanced, calibrated arms and wheel mounts
  • Vacuum system with precision height adjustment
  • Sealed aluminium housing with membrane control panel and digital display

Elcometer Taber® Abrading Wheels

Taber® Abrading Wheels are available in five levels of abrasiveness to suit a wide range of material testing applications.

Wool, felt or plain rubber wheels test delicate materials or abrasiveness of materials such as dental powders.

Wheels featuring abrasive particles in a resilient matrix of rubber or a hard matrix of vitrified clay are suitable for stiffer materials.

  • Calibrase® : resilient abrasive wheel - rubber and aluminium oxide
  • Calibrade®: a non-resilient abrasive wheel - vitrified clay and silicon carbide
  • Plain Rubber: contains no abrasive particles unless used with sandpaper strips
  • Tungsten Carbide: severe cutting and tearing action with helical teeth for use on resilient  materials such as rubber, leather and floor coverings
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