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UG20DL Underwater Thickness Gauge

The UG20DL is an underwater material and coating thickness gauge ideal for offshore inspections.

Waterproof to a depth of 300 metres (1,000 feet) the UG20DL offers many features and benefits of the CG100 series in an easy to use brightly lit gauge.

Offering both dual & single element transducers the UG20DL's memory allows users to store up to 5,000 individual readings, together with the A-Scan waveform which can be downloaded to the data management software for further analysis on dry land.
UG20DL Thickness Gauge





  • 300 metre (1000 ft.) depth rating
  • Single membrane & dual element probe transducers
  • Automatic probe recognition & zero function
  • Pulse-Echo, Pulse-Echo w/Coating, Echo-Echo
  • Data Storage: Alpha Numeric & Sequential w/ID
  • Data output and storage: 5,000 readings
  • Download to ElcoMaster® data management software

UG20DL Features Explained
Repeatability / Stability Indicator

Consisting of 6 vertical bars, when all the bars are fully illuminated and the last digit on the digital thickness value is stable, the gauge is reliably measuring the material thickness.

V-Path CorrectionV Path Correction

Dual element transducers consist of a probe with two crystals (one to transmit and one to receive the sound pulse). The crystals are separated by an acoustic barrier - generating a 'V-shaped' sound path as the sound travels from one element to the other.

This path is slightly longer than the direct path therefore V-path correction is used to calculate the correct thickness.

UG20DL Measurement Modes Explained
Pulse - Echo Mode (PE):

The normal display mode, measures the total thickness from the base of the transducer probe to the material density boundary (typically the back wall). Ideal for pit and flaw detection.

Echo - Echo Mode (EE):

Also known as the ThruPaint™ Mode, EE ignores the·coating thickness, displaying the material thickness from the top surface of the material to the material density boundary.

Pulse - Echo Coating Mode (PECT):

Displays both the material thickness (PE) and the coating thickness (CT) at the same time.
UG20DL Display Modes Explained
Material Thickness Digits Display:

The standard display on all models, this displays the numerical thickness value in either millimetres (MM)or inches (IN).

A-Scan Display; Full Wave (RF):

The A-Scan display shows the sine wave created by the reflected sound, or oscillation, from the material being measured. In RF mode the full wave form is displayed.

A-Scan Display; Rectified (+ or -):

Users can select to view either the positive or the negative cycle of the full waveform (RF). This rectified(RECT) display shows the amplitude of the echo versus the transit time.

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