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Bands: 3M™ Cloth 341D - Custom Sizes

Our 3M™ Cloth 341D abrasive is a durable aluminum oxide cloth recommended for metal deburring, general metalworking, and some woodworking applications.

  • X-weight cloth backing withstands heavy sanding and grinding
  • Cuts fast and performs well on many substrates
  • Closed coat construction helps to create a fine finish
  • Available in a variety of lengths and widths to meet various project needs
  • Aluminum oxide mineral provides superior durability and consistent performance

To create our 3M™ Cloth 341D abrasives, fast-cutting aluminum oxide abrasive grains are resin-bonded to a durable X-weight cotton cloth backing to provide the continuous cut and long-life performance necessary for more aggressive dry sanding applications. For finishing on metal, the closed coat construction offers a consistent, fine finish, and is suitable for producing a grain pattern. 

Aluminum oxide mineral is a popular choice among industrial professionals because of its cut-rate, durability, and long life. It can be used on a wide variety of materials in both woodworking and metalworking, including ferrous alloys, and is the most commonly used industrial abrasive. The abrasive grain is adhered to the cloth backing with resin, creating a strong bond that withstands high heat and pressure.


 Backing Material‎‎ Cloth
 Backing Weight‎‎ X Weight
 Brand‎‎ 3M™
 Color‎‎ Brown
 Converted Form‎‎ Cross Pad, Non-Standard Size,‎ Segment, Non-Standard Size,‎ Sheet, Non-Standard Size,‎ Disc, Non-Standard Size,‎ Wheel, Non-Standard Size,‎ Roll, Non-Standard Size,‎ Square Pad, Non-Standard Size,‎ Cartridge Roll, Non-Standard Size,‎ Belt, Non-Standard Size,‎ Cone, Non-Standard Size
 Grade‎‎ P320,‎ P150,‎ P400,‎ P120,‎ 40,‎ 36,‎ 80,‎ 24,‎ P180,‎ 60,‎ P240,‎ P100,‎ 50
 Industries‎‎ Metalworking
 Mineral Type‎‎ Aluminum Oxide

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