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Back-up Pads: 3M™ Hookit™ Clean Sanding Low Profile Disc Pad

3M™ Hookit™ Clean Sanding Low Profile Disc Pads are firm yet flexible to provide versatility for flat sanding applications and are designed to securely hold a 3M™ Hookit™ Clean Sanding Disc on a random orbital sander (discs sold separately). Use this disc pad with coarse grades where good leveling is needed.

  • Precise multi-hole pattern provides superior dust extraction to prevent loading, increase productivity, and provide a cleaner work environment
  • One piece threaded shank for low vibration and improved balance
  • Low profile firm density foam and blunt 35 degree tapered edge provide durability and an aggressive cut
  • 3M™ Hookit™ system provides easy disc changes and optimizes disc life

For Aggressive Flat Sanding

Constructed from firm density foam with a 35-degree blunt tapered edge for added durability, our 3M™ Hookit™ Clean Sanding Low Profile Disc Pads are ideal for aggressive flat sanding operations. 

Science of Dust Management

Our proprietary multi-hole pattern works with a vacuum to help eliminate dust from the disc, workpiece, and air. We developed the Hookit™ system to makes disc changes quick and easy, enabling repeated use for the life of the disc, reducing material consumption and increasing parts per disc. In addition, our 3M™ Clean Sanding Disc Pad is designed so hole alignment is not required, making our system even simpler to use than a standard "dust free" systems. 

3M Clean Sanding dust-management system features our proprietary multi-hole pattern and evacuates dust from the work surface better than 5- or 6-hole products. Reducing dust dramatically increases the cutting efficiency and life of the disc, which ultimately reduces operating costs. 

Optimized with a self-generated-vacuum sanding tool fitted with a Clean Sanding filter bag (sold separately), our Clean Sanding products allow the vacuum to suction dust from the air and off of the workpiece. This reduces loading of the disc and adds life to the abrasive. Additionally, reducing dust in the air improves working conditions. 3M Clean Sanding abrasives can be paired with Clean Sanding disc pads for use on a central-vacuum-ready sander. 

Focus on the Task at Hand with Hookit™ Attachment

Whether your job requires a random orbital or rotary sander, buffer (PDF, 1.5 Mb), grinder, drill, finishing sander or other power tool, 3M™ Hookit™ products allow you to focus more on the task and less on tooling. Hookit™ abrasive products with our hook-and-loop backing are manufactured with loop material that mates to a backup pad, each sold separately, where tiny hooks firmly engage the loops. Attachment is quick, easy, and secure during use. Sanding, finishing, and surface conditioning products with the 3M™ Hookit™ attachment and removal system gives you an efficient way to work through multi-step finishing processes and can be used again and again for the life of the abrasive.


 Attachment Type‎‎ Hookit™
 Brand‎‎ Hookit™
 Center Hole Diameter‎‎ 0.62 Inch
 Center Hole Diameter (Metric)‎‎ 15.748 mm
 Color‎‎ Red
 Converted Form‎‎ Backup Pads, Disc
 Density Rating‎‎ Firm
 Diameter‎‎ 5 Inch,‎ 3 Inch,‎ 6 Inch
 Diameter (Metric)‎‎ 762 mm,‎ 152.4 mm,‎ 150 mm,‎ 127 mm
 Equipment - Machines‎‎ Random Orbital Sanders,‎ Rotary Sanders,‎ Disc Sanders
 Form Type‎‎ Molded - Clean Sanding
 Front Color‎‎ Black
 Hook Type‎‎ 2
 Industries‎‎ Metalworking,‎ Transportation & Heavy Equipment,‎ Primary Metal,‎ General Industrial,‎ Paint Preparation,‎ MRO,‎ Aerospace,‎ AOEM,‎ Woodworking,‎ Cutting Tool Manufacturing,‎ Composite
 Max OPM‎‎ 12000,‎ 15000
 Max RPM‎‎ 12000,‎ 15000
 Number of Holes‎‎ 49,‎ 3,‎ 44,‎ 52
 Product Family‎‎ Electric tools
 Product Form‎‎ Backup Pad
 Product Line‎‎ Abrasives
 Size‎‎ 76mm
 Sub Industries‎‎ Primary Wood and Panel Processing,‎ Turbine Engines,‎ Custom Woodworking and Millwork,‎ Cabinetry,‎ Metal Implants,‎ Furniture,‎ Plumbing Fixtures,‎ Plating & Polishing,‎ Builders Hardware,‎ Medical Instruments,‎ Metal Fabrication
 Thickness‎‎ 0.37 Inch,‎ 0.5 Inch
 Thickness (Metric)‎‎ 9.39 mm,‎ 12.7 mm
 Thread Size‎‎ 1/4-20 EXT,‎ 5/16-24 EXT
 Type‎‎ Dust Control

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