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Back-up Pads: 3M™ Hook and Loop Disc Pad Holder

3M™ Hook and Loop Disc Pad Holder is designed for metalworking projects and LGB discs. The disc pad holder provides firm support so that heavy-duty and super-duty LGB discs can weld grind and blend with faster and more efficient productivity. 3M™ Disc Pad Holders allow you to quickly and easily change abrasive discs during multi-step projects.

  • Hook and loop attachment system offers quick change of abrasive discs for multi-step processing
  • Use with rotary sanders, right angle grinders and disc sanders
  • Options available for right angle grinders and random orbital sanders
  • Extra hard disc provides firm support
  • Disc pad holder operates at a maximum 8500 RPM

Strong Backing for Tough jobs

3M™ Hook and Loop Disc Pad Holders have a center hole with internal threads—choose the thread size that matches the external thread size of your right angle grinder. T-shaped hooks securely hold a surface conditioning disc and provide quick and easy disc attachment, removal, and re-attachment. The hook-and-loop feature enables the disc to be used and re-used for the extent of the abrasive life. Discs are sold separately. 

Secure and Easy to Switch

Our hook-and-loop feature makes disc attachment, removal, and re-attachment easy and facilitates use and re-use of the disc for the extent of the abrasive life. Our disc pads have T-shaped hooks of the type most commonly used in hook-and-loop applications. These disc pads grip the loop backings of hook-and-loop discs and provide a finer finish than do adhesive backed discs. Hook-and-loop systems are designed for work spaces where adhesive backed discs may become contaminated by dust, dirt, or flying debris. 

Made for Scotch-Brite™

Scotch-Brite™ surface conditioning discs and light grinding/blending products (sold separately) deburr, clean, blend, and finish a wide variety of materials. Using surface conditioning products with a 3M disc pad holder generates finishes suitable for paint. 


 Applications‎‎ Grinding
 Attachment Type‎‎ Hook and Loop
 Brand‎‎ 3M™
 Center Hole Diameter‎‎ 0.87 Inch
 Center Hole Diameter (Metric)‎‎ 22.09 mm
 Color‎‎ Red
 Converted Form‎‎ Backup Pads, Disc
 Density Rating‎‎ Extra Hard
 Diameter‎‎ 5 Inch,‎ 4.5 Inch,‎ 7 Inch,‎ 4 Inch
 Diameter (Metric)‎‎ 101.6 mm,‎ 177.8 mm,‎ 127 mm,‎ 114.3 mm
 Equipment - Machines‎‎ Rotary Sanders,‎ Right Angle Grinders,‎ Disc Sanders
 Form Type‎‎ Fabricated
 Front Color‎‎ Black
 Hook Type‎‎ 7
 Industries‎‎ Metalworking
 Max RPM‎‎ 12000,‎ 13300,‎ 8500,‎ 15000,‎ 8600
 Product Form‎‎ Backup Pad
 Sub Industries‎‎ Turbine Engines,‎ Metal Implants,‎ Plumbing Fixtures,‎ Plating & Polishing,‎ Builders Hardware,‎ Medical Instruments,‎ Metal Fabrication
 Thickness‎‎ 0.875 Inch,‎ 0.625 Inch
 Thickness (Metric)‎‎ 15.875 mm,‎ 22.225 mm
 Thread Size‎‎ 5/8-11 INT
 Type‎‎ Regular,‎ Centering Post

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